• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Your First Guide to Hydroponic Vegetable Growing

Hydroponic gardening presents people with a method to grow vegetables all year round, regardless of season or climate. This allows for people to grow their own produce all year round, providing them with access to the freshest produce at all times. Hydroponic growing, often referred to as hydroponic gardening is the process of growing plants and veggies without soil.

Hydroponic growing systems allow people to grow plants and vegetables by simulating ideal growing environments. When people choose to grow hydroponically they have full control. When growing hydroponically you have control over so many aspects, with temperatures, advanced nutrients, lighting, PH level and humidity just being a few.

This being said, hydroponic growing can be difficult for those with minimal knowledge, especially those who’ve only just been introduced to the advanced growing method. This is why we are here today – To hopefully make things a little easier for those looking to get started.

Hydroponics Growing Info

  • Hydroponic growing is a hobby that is increasing in popularity each day. One of the reasons why the hobby is thought to be becoming more popular is due to the fact that it can be carried out anywhere, by anyone. Hydroponic growing can not only take place indoors, perfect those without garden or with disabilities, but also doesn’t take up as much room as traditional growing methods.
  • Hydroponic plants need to be provided with a lot of light in order to grow well – the actual amount of light needed varies from plant species to plant species.
  • When growing plants hydroponically soil is not needed, this is because the plants are able to get all of the nutrients that they need from nutrient rich water – Water mixed with nutrients specially designed for hydroponic growing.
  • When growing hydroponically you should use rock wool as a growing medium because it provides roots with a good balance of water and oxygen. Not only this, but it also helps plants grow healthily.
  • When it comes to hydroponic growing, especially when growing plants and produce which are otherwise seasonal, temperature and humidity levels are incredibly important. You should check out what these should be for each species that you consider growing to ensure that you get it right, always.

These are only some of the things that you need to think about it. If you want more information and guidance, we highly recommend that you have a chat with your local hydroponics store today.

Yes we know, hydroponic gardening can seem daunting, but we promise you, once you start you won’t be able to stop.

Hydroponic growing is fun, exciting and rewarding, and can really change our lives. Give it a try today. What is stopping you?

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