• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Understanding 99domino poker briefly

The dominoqq is a famous game that is being played in Indonesia and South East Asia since years. You can say that this game is somewhat similar to poker. It involves a dealer and 28 cards. The cards are distributed in the clockwise direction of the dealer which means from left to right. The first round begins when three cards are given to each player.

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Before playing the game you must be familiar with some terms such as check, this is to be said when you want to stay in the game. The other term is fold which means you don’t want to play any further, surrendered your cards. For adding some money to the pot you must bet. Mostly, the maximum and minimum value is decided prior to the game. You can do else in this game is to call which means you are just matching the value of previous bet and stay in the game. With it you can also raise which means that the sum of the bet is increased.

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Second round

The above mentioned things start with the first round itself. In the second round the dealer distributes a card to each player after seeing that you can again check, call, raise or fold. After all these actions have been completed, the remaining players need to show their cards. This decides who is going to take all the money on the board.

Deciding the winner

In this four card game, there are five combinations of cards that decide the winner. First and lower value is double 9 which mean that the pairs of two cards have to have 9 dots.  Above this comes the small series in which the cards have total values in between 6 to 9 among all the four cards. Then, after it you get the big series in which the total number of dots should be above 36. The twin series has the second place among the combinations of cards in which you have all the four cards with same number of dots on each side; no other can have this series. Finally, you have 6 God above all in which you have 6 dots on each card. If any of the players doesn’t have these combinations then the highest dots on cards decide the winner.

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