• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Overview of Which Degrees are Worth the Student Debt  

Going to college to earn a degree is a very important decision that should involve much consideration. Once you make the choice to earn a degree, you need to make sure you are earning one that will hold its monetary value when compared to the debt you will acquire while completing your studies. Let’s take a quick look at which degrees are worth the student debt.

Information Technology Degree

A degree in information technology gives you an ultimate advantage in today’s job market. Sure, online marketing is a great field to enter into, but knowing what’s going on under the hood of a computer can be even more beneficial. There are many career paths that you can follow with this type of degree, including that of a web applications developer or a business intelligence specialist. Both of these career paths will earn you around $100k a year.

Business Administration Degree

This is a degree that you can take you either way — either really far into debt with no way to pay it back or really far up the corporate ladder. It is highly suggested that if you pursue a degree in business administration that you choose a specific career path beforehand. For example, if you are sure you want to work in human resources, then as you earn a business administration degree, make sure you minor in human resources. Having a specific education path to follow will help you land your dream job and keep your student debt to a minimum.

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Engineering Degree

You can’t go wrong with a degree in engineering. Sure, you are going to spend anywhere from six to 10+ years earning a degree, but the payback in regards to your salary is going to be well worth the time and money invested. You’ll need top-notch problem-solving skills to excel in this line of work as well as good communication capabilities. A chemical engineer usually starts out making about $75k a year. If you are seeking a career that earns more, go into electrical engineering — you’ll start out making close to $100k a year.

English Degree

An English degree might not seem like it could earn you a lot of money, but truth is, it can. You can use an English degree to enter into a variety of occupations, including that of a content manager; this job can earn you as much as $80k a year. English majors who use their degree to become a speechwriter will also earn around $80k a year, and a communications manager will top out close to $100k annually.


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