• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Millions of satisfied policy holders thank Bharti AXA general insurance for excellent service!

Yes – This goodwill earned has pushed up Bharti AXA general insurance company to the forefront, through stiff competition online. The one and only reason for customer satisfaction can go a long way for any insurance company to hit the top, and this has been proved beyond doubt by this versatile insurance solutions provider.

If you are looking for any insurance-related services online, you can confidently and unhesitatingly get in touch with Bharti AXA general insurance – get your requirement fulfilled in no time, and go back to your other routines happy and contended.

Surely your insurance requirements will fall within the classification of the following services –

  • Car insurance
  • Two wheeler insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

For each of the above insurance requirements, there are other insurance companies as well. But here, at Bharti AXA general insurance, you will certainly feel the difference by their professional service, because you are saved from approaching different companies for different policies. Check out how you get benefited under each Insurance task:

Car insurance service:

You can get both comprehensive car insurance that covers all the risks and untoward incidents that can occur to get your claim. Or you could opt for only third party liabilities policy (mandatory by the law) to take complete responsibility of fulfilling your legal liabilities, at times of accidents.

Varieties of add-ons along with the policy such as – hydrostatic lock cover, zero depreciation cover, invoice price cover, key replacement, Hospital cash, Ambulance charges, No claim bonus protector, Roadside assistance, co-passenger cover, medical expenses, consumable cover and engine and gearbox cover etc.

Two Wheeler Insurance Service:

Get your two wheeler insurance within 5 minutes. You can get comprehensive insurance policy to cover all the risks within one policy, or get third party liabilities only (mandatory by the law). Additional coverage is available for personal accident cover for occupants, zero depreciation cover etc. Also, you get ideas on how to save on your bike insurance premium.

For both car and two wheeler insurance policies, you enjoy coverage for financial losses due to damaged and stolen vehicles, hassle-free claim settlement with 4000 plus cashless repair workshops, discounts on  premiums with no claim bonus and strong customer support with 24/7 claim assistance.

Health insurance service:

There are two major health insurance plans – smart super health insurance policy and smart health insurance policy, each one providing distinct benefits – the first one with more benefits than the second. You enjoy many facilities like Flexible plans, Tax savings, cashless claims for hospitalization across 6000 plus network hospitals, and dedicated claims by 24/7 claim assistance service etc.

Assorted Travel Insurance Plans and Services:

Plans for individual, family, and students to offer different kinds of benefits like – Travel and medical emergencies cover, legal expenses towards third party liability’s death or bodily injuries, choice is given to pick single trip or multi-trip policies, along with usual 24/7 claim assistance with strong customer support.

Personal Accident Insurance:

The insurance plans offered by Bharti AXA general insurance are highly beneficial, with the following features:

  • Maximum sum insured up to Rs. 30 lakhs
  • Accidental death and permanent/total/partial disability is covered
  • Smart cumulative bonus of sum insured on claim-free years
  • 24/7 claim assistance online and strong customer support to provide instant solutions to your insurance-related queries and problems.
  • There are more benefits to mention here, and yet you can see them all at your leisure by visiting Bharti AXA general insurance company website.

Often, insurance customers face difficulties in getting their claims settled promptly. But Bharti AXA general insurance company assures you that their services are par excellence when it comes to personal accident insurance policies. They take justifiable pride in boasting that they have won the hearts of their clients, by the following credentials:

  • 27 % claim settlement ratio – means the highest in the insurance sector, where your claim will also be settled to your 100% satisfaction, spontaneously.
  • 6 Million Policies issued so far – by the prompt attention paid to customers approaching them. Buying a policy is breeze online through their instant and simple policy issuance process.
  • Pan India cashless network hospitals – are located nearest your place, to render services without demanding any money (based on your insurance policy). It is of great help in times of emergencies, where you need not panic or fumble for money.
  • 101 Branches across India – are pushed into your insurance service (apart from online service that is). You can reach your nearest branch for any help with your insurance plans and contingencies.

For any insurance policy from Bharti AXA general insurance company, contact Coverfox portal, where insurance is made simple for you.

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