• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Local Timber Treatment Specialists

Woodworm treatment companies exist to make the process of pest removal more efficient and less stressful for clients.

The suspicion that a woodworm infestation is affecting a property and its timber, including furniture, can be distressing but the response times and professionalism of woodworm treatment Reading specialists including Thames Valley Timber Treatment reclaims your space and restores peace of mind.

Woodworm is a collective term for wood boring beetles including Deathwatch beetles.

Cost effective treatment from woodworm companies is to be sought at the earliest opportunity. It seems reasonable to assume that every client who had a woodworm issue in their timber joists, floorboards, staircases or attic spaces would call in knowledgeable experts immediately but a surprising number adopt a wait and see attitude or hope the woodworm infestation diminishes without them having to take action.

Any of the woodworm treatment companies, local or national, can confirm that when you try to ignore a woodworm issue it will only increase. Woodworm larvae and pupa feed on the cellulose in timber so for as long as there is timber your infestation will thrive.  In the most serious cases, this can lead to structural problems which pose a danger to anyone on the property. This is fact, not a sales tool to scare you in to taking eradication treatments.

A full survey needs to be carried out by a qualified and experienced woodworm treatment Reading specialist to ascertain the extent of an infestation and the damage caused to the timber.

Please don’t be tempted to try over the counter treatments instead of professional services. These may not comprehensively deal with the problem and this prolongs an unpleasant situation unnecessarily. Contacting local woodworm treatment companies is your only effective solution.

Woodworm lay their eggs in the warmer months of the year.

A mother secretes her eggs in a safe, quiet spot. The crevices of the timber are ideal.

The eggs hatch and the woodworm in their larvae form immediately bore in to timber, they make galleries (tunnels) and eat as they progress deeper inside.

It takes between 2 and 5 years for the larvae to mature to pupa and then beetles, as they do so they come closer to the surface of the wood. As beetles, they leave the timber with one objective, to procreate. This task, once accomplished, leads to their demise. The beetles live for 2 weeks or less.

Signs that your property has a woodworm infestation and that woodworm treatment companies should be contacted without delay:

  • Eggs are very difficult to see so it’s better to focus on other clues.
  • Holes often have a precise, tidy form and look freshly bored. The tunnels created are called galleries and both are visible to humans.
  • Frass – This is the name for the dust that the beetle pushes out of the gallery as it makes its exit from the timber.
  • Dead beetles.
  • Live beetles crawling across woodwork.
  • Weak, damaged and crumbling timber.

Local woodworm companies are always in demand. They solve problems.

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