• Saturday , 23 February 2019
  • Saturday , 23 February 2019

How to Take Anavar: Cycle Tips for Both Men and Women

An Anavar only cycle is one of the most popular muscle mass bulking cycle used around the globe. Initially, the drug was developed to treat patients who have lost muscle mass rapidly, because of serious health conditions. However, today numerous body builders and athletes turn to Anavar to help them gain muscle mass and loose fatty tissues.

It is a pretty fast acting steroid, yet extremely safe for use. There are in fact only a few mild side effects reported by Anavar users. However, if you are new to Anavar, it is ideal to know a little about the drug before starting its cycle. So, let’s see – how to take Anavar and what is the recommended dosage and cycle duration…

Taking Anavar:

For men, it is recommended that you start by taking 50mg of Anavar per day. This is a good starting point and the minimum dosage needed to see noticeable results. On the other hand, women can start with a 10mg dosage.

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Gradually, men can choose to decrease or increase the dosage. There are no side effects even if you go as high as 80mg a day. However, it is strongly recommended not to go above 100mg a day. For women, 20mg is the maximum recommended dosage. You are sure to see noticeable results with 10mg to 20mg per day.

Anavar has a half life or around 8 to 9 hours. Therefore it is recommended to break the dosage in half. Take half dosage in morning while another half in evening. This way you will have Anavar in your system throughout the day.

Anavar Cycles

The type of Anavar cycle you should follow depends on the results you are expecting to get. If you are prepared to take Anavar for more than six weeks, there are two cycle options for you.

  1. Go on a 2 week on and 2 weeks off cycle. This is especially ideal if you are looking forward to boost muscle mass.
  2. You can stay on Anavar for 6 weeks and then take 3 to 4 weeks off, and then go back on.

One important thing to keep in mind while on Anavar cycle is – never exceed 6 weeks of continuous cycling. If you do so, you are increasing the risk of developing serious side effects. These side effects will range anywhere from hair loss to heart problems. Nevertheless, if you are following Anavar cycle properly with appropriate dosage you are good.

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