• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Here’s How Crowdfunding Can Help Art Collectives and Buyers as Well

Art brightens up any space it’s placed in. Different kinds of art give a home different kinds of personality. Depending on the kind of art you choose to adorn your walls, you can light up a home, make it cosier, elegant, warm, sophisticated, dark and so on. Art has been a constant on the décor list for many adults who are looking to make a home for centuries and still is. Everyone finds some solace in some form of art.

And yet, artists everywhere constantly face a lack of funds to keep their passion alive and loved. Art collectives are initiatives that have been bringing artists to support each other as they work towards similar goals together since historical times. Whether it’s buying expensive material or even living together as family, art collectives let artists find like-minded people.

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How does crowdfunding help an artist or an art collective?

Crowdfunding websites have been getting thousands of artists out of debt and into the world of published and exhibited work since the inception of one of the first crowdfunding platforms. In fact, many of these websites are specifically meant for artists only, and have been running successfully for years. Artists are enabled to find donors who examine the work they’ve done in the past and are willing to support their efforts to publish or to buy equipment and material so that they can continue.

In fact, some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of all times are art-related. For example, Marina Abramovic raised over half a million dollars on Kickstarter and was able to build an entire museum to display her art. Many of the youngest and most active art collectives around the world have found help with funds thanks to crowdfunding!

How does crowdfunding benefit an art lover/buyer?

How does it not? An art crowdfunding website is the most thriving and buzzing space where an art lover can connect with artists, find fresh, creative ideas and help make them a reality! Rewards offered by crowdfunding artists are also a big bonus for art lovers; many campaigners offer rewards for donations as little as a single dollar. Why simply buy a finished piece when you can get free social media shoutouts, signed work, an invite or ticket to an exhibition and so on for helping a underfunded artist finish theirs?

Tips for art crowdfunding campaigners

Offer rewards to everybody. There’s a reason someone is donating to your campaign. They love art and they’re looking to benefit from their donations or at least know that they truly helped. Marina Abramovic, who raised $660,000 for her museum offered anyone who donated as little as $1 a hug. Remember that this is where you need to show your work off as much as you can. Display the best of your work from the past and also post frequent updates of the project that you’re fundraising for. Good luck!

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