• Saturday , 23 February 2019
  • Saturday , 23 February 2019

Give your October Corporate Event a Spooky Spin  

Is your company planning a corporate event for the month of October? Then you have the perfect opportunity to stage an event that will make a lasting impression, and corporate event rentals can help you with the planning process. Many people look forward to Halloween throughout the year, and October is a time filled with jack-o’-lanterns, black cats and tons of other spooky decorations. Here are some tips for throwing a corporate event that embraces a spooky Halloween spirit.

Set the Scene

The first thing to consider is the space where the event will be held. There are advantages and disadvantages to both indoor and outdoor spaces, but there are also ways to make the most out of any location.

Your first consideration should be the purpose of your event. If there will be speakers or presentations, then the room should be structured so that everyone has a clear view. If the event will be set up with multiple booths or tables, then the room can be set up in a less structured manner. Be sure to have sufficient seating on hand, so that attendees can take a break from the action. Look into corporate event rentals to round out the existing seating and tables.

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Create the Mood with Lighting

You have a number of choices when it comes to how to light the event space. For a Halloween-themed event, consider dramatic lighting options, such as a darkened room with carefully placed spotlights or ambient lighting. Colored bulbs can add a spooky glow, and use of black lights in certain areas can offer interesting visual appeal.

Go All Out with Halloween Decorations

The most impactful way to enhance your Halloween theme is with decorations. Whether it’s an oversize witch greeting guests as they come through the door or the use of dry ice to mimic fog or smoke, attendees will remember the details.

A great way to encourage interaction among guests is by providing medium-sized pumpkins and carving tools and holding a pumpkin carving competition. The pumpkins provide decorative elements throughout the event, and guests take them home when they depart, making cleanup easier.

Get Everyone Involved

Consider encouraging attendees to arrive at your corporate event dressed in costume. This gives everyone a chance to show their creativity and personality. It’s also a great way to spur conversation among attendees. A costume contest rounds out the fun.

Bring in Some Outside Talent

One way to make your Halloween-themed corporate event even more memorable is by enlisting some outside assistance. Very often, your guests will have teenage children who would be more than happy to dress up as ghosts and ghouls to “haunt” your event. If all else fails, the drama department of your local high school is sure to have plenty of teens who would jump at the opportunity to work your event.


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