• Saturday , 23 February 2019
  • Saturday , 23 February 2019

DIY Plastic Hacks for Your Dream Garden

Plastic is a part of the everyday lives of most people. Your garden is the place in your home where you can be closest to nature. Integrating plastic in your garden will not only help to recycle and prevent it from being dumped somewhere but will also give a unique and creative touch to your Garden. Try to explore the usability of plastic in your garden with some of these clever ideas:

  1. Plastic Bottle as Vegetable or Herb Containers: Cut a hole into a clean plastic bottle and fill it with soil placing it horizontally. Next plant your favorite saplings in the bottle and you have your own plastic bottle flower pots.
  2. Crazy Water Bottle Sprinklers: You can start with poking few holes into the side of a clean two-liter plastic bottle. After this, add a female swivel, a female hose end, a few washers for the hose, and connect them all to your normal garden hose.
  3. Artistic Hanging Bottle Planters: Plastic bottles can be hung upside down with a thread after their bottoms are cut. Fill the bottom with your favorite plant and paint or decorate the bottles for beautiful plant hangers.
  4. Unique Plastic Bottle Waterfall: Hang 5-6 plastic bottles in increasing height and adjust the angle of the bottles such as the water from the upper bottle falls on the lower bottle making a waterfall structure. The result is unique and eye-catching.
  5. Opaque Plastic Sheeting can be used to warm the soil for heat-loving tomatoes, peppers, melons, and strawberries, thus taking care of your homegrown veggies. The plastic absorbs heat during the day and keeps the soil warm during the night. This is especially helpful during cool spring weather. The plastic also smothers weeds and reduces evaporation from the soil beneath.
  6. Inexpensive drip feeder: Plastic bottles can make effective drip feeders by just piercing holes into a water-filled clean bottle and burying it next to your plant. Make sure the neck of the bottle is elevated above the dirt.
  7. Seedling guards: Seedlings guards are rings of plastic cut from a plastic bottle which are placed around the seedling and protect it from bugs or harmful rodents.

These hacks are cheap, easy and good for the environment. Try these in your garden to get amazing results!

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