• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

Deciding the Best Time to Sell Your Used Car

Do you think it’s now time to let go of your 5-year old Used Ford KA Car?  Or are you considering the idea of selling your Volkswagen because a lot of its kinds were sold at a daily rental business this month, and it really sounds a lot of money?  These questions are a bit tough considering we are talking about cars here, not just mere matchbox toys.

In relation to this, deciding for the best time to sell your used car requires a series of situation evaluation and some thought check-ups.  You really have to think not just twice, but thrice in order to be sure you are not giving in with your impulsions.  By doing so, you avoid future problems like regretting unsound decisions.

Some people are considering a number of rules that describes the right age for the car to be sold.  These were the things that used to be a basis of dispersing cars and became stereotype rules for others.  These include waiting for the warranty to before calling it the perfect timing.  A lot of people are going with this rule especially for those want to trade up cars every now and then because they want younger ones.  This one’s sound interesting and reasonable.  It’s really nice to drive new and up-to-date wheels, isn’t it?

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Another rule is you sell because its parts start falling.  This may sound funny but it’s really sensible considering you cannot drive something you think can’t sustain the next 6 miles of your destination.  Plus, using a car you think might broke any moment will just cause you trouble, and worse, road accidents.  So it’s really important to be reasonable sometimes and take into account the reliability of your vehicle.

Last rule is you sell when the car model is currently hot in the market.  Yes, this one is common to a lot of people especially for those who wanted to hoard cars and sell them when they are really in the demand.  They sell cars even when they’re still under a warranty.  It’s called business.

On the other hand, there are experts who contradicted these rules.  Dylan Setterfield, a forecasting editor for CAP used car price guide, said that there isn’t a specific time or age wherein a depreciation and value curves combine at their beneficial.  It usually do it’s depreciation for just a few months.  So, if you are opting to sell a Nissan Sentra and it sold many cars to the daily rental business last, let’s say, June, you should expect for those cars to hit the market next month.  And the price for Nissan Sentra will drop.  So, this rule may not sound terrific, isn’t it?

So, selling a car doesn’t have to depend with popular rules because there is no guarantee that these rules may go well with your car’s condition.  If you sell before its warranty is over, you’ll be swallowed by depreciation.   On the other hand, if you sell a car because it looks like it’ll about to break any moment may sound a good idea, but not too late.  Then there are factors to be considered concerning on hitting the perfect time to sell a car in the market.  So, when is really the perfect time to sell used cars?

The answer is there is no perfect time.  The choice should come from you and you’ll definitely nothing have to lose especially if you got sensible reasons to do so.  What’s important is you are sure about your decision and it goes well with the situation.  Selling a used car sounds good if you got other plans ahead that will really bring good to you.

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