• Saturday , 23 February 2019
  • Saturday , 23 February 2019

Buying a New Versus a Used Car in Canada – What to Consider

Most car buyers are torn between whether to by a new or a used vehicle. What makes this question even more complicated is the fact that it has no right answer. Every individual has different tastes, financial capabilities, and preferences.

Without much consideration, most buyers prefer to go for used cars because they cost less, but in some cases, new vehicles have proved to cost less than used cars in the long run.

Buying a new car has its perks:


New cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty; something that is rare to find with used vehicles. Buying new guaranteed drivers a few years of worry-free driving, and for those that wish to take an extended warranty plan, the option is usually less expensive for a new car.

Availability of Options

New vehicles come in different colors, and models. Here, users do not have to compromise; they can get what they want from the dealership, and since the vehicle is new, there will be no concerns about whether it is in perfect shape or not.

In as much as there is a sense of pride in buying a new car over a used one, new vehicles also have their disadvantages.

Depreciating Value

The minute a car is driven from the dealership, it starts to depreciate. A new car regardless of the model, features, or price reduces in worth after being bought. This is the number one downside to the purchase of a new car.

Higher Costs

New cars, understandably, cost more than used vehicles. Buyers will have to spend a lot of money and still get the same features that they would have gotten from a used car.

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Buying a used car is no breeze either. There are a few factors to put into perspective.


Used cars have been disposed of by someone else, meaning that they may not always be in great shape. When buying from a dealership, users should make sure they check the condition of the car thoroughly. Some Mitsubishi Edmonton dealers will guarantee well maintained and services used vehicles for their customers; it is up to the clients to research and grab the best deals.


Used cars may not come with warranties, and buyers may not be sure if the vehicle had a pre-existing problem until they have driven it for a while. This factor discourages men shoppers from going down this route.

It is natural to be unsure, but one can easily find the help they need. Walking into some Mitsubishi Edmonton dealerships, for instance, the staff can offer help and advice on whether or not a customer should purchase a new or a used vehicle.

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