• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

6 Ways On How To Kill Weeds Effectively

Nothing ruins your garden or yard like weeds, those uninvited guests that rob your plants of space and nutrients. So murder those weeds most foul, but without harmful chemicals that can do you in, too.Who says you need standard weeding tools to kill weeds? Here are smart ways to kill weeds effectively.

  1. Bleach

Do weeds seem to thrive in the cracks and crevices of your walkways? Try pouring a bit of undiluted bleach over them. After a day or two, you can simply pull them out, and the bleach will keep them from coming back. Just be careful not to get bleach on the grass or plantings bordering the walkway. Contact Amico for more effective weed killers.

  1. Salt

The weeds that pop up in the cracks of the walkways can be tough to eradicate. But salt can do its magic.Prepare about 1 cup salt in 2 cups water to a boil. Pour on the weeds to eliminate them. Another good method is to apply the salt directly tothe unwanted grass that come up between blocks or patio bricks. Sprinkle with water or just wait until the rain comes.

  1. Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal stops seeds from turning into weeds. Since the meal prevents germination, spread it around your old plants, and after seedlings and transplants have taken hold in the soil. Next, after harvest season, spread the meal in order to prevent late-season weeds.

  1. Spray Bottles

Fill a bottle with undiluted white vinegar to remove the weeds and grass that come out of the cracks in your concrete, and ants and other insects as well. However, but be careful not to spray it on your plants.

  1. Soap

Just in case you are not aware, the oil in soap can break down hairy or waxy weed surfaces, making them vulnerable to desiccants. Hence, it helps to add a few drops of liquid dish detergent tovodka sprays or vinegar in order to keep the solution on leaves. The soap will also make the leaves shiny.

  1. Boiling Water

After preparing yourself a delicious cup of tea, bring the kettle outside and spray the boiling water in order to burn the weeds. This is a nice trick to whack driveway weeds, because the boiling water can run off impervious weeds surfaces and cool down before it hits border plants.

Weed Control Tips

When working on a garden bed make sure not to leave too much space between your plants. Tight garden beds limit weeds.

Also, you should know that mulching retains moisture and doesn’t allow those weeds to survive in your garden. Newspapers, compost and scrapped leaves, can be used. For more effective mulching, spread newspaper on to the ground and cover it using a 2-inch layer of compost and leaves.

Don’t throw weeds into the compost pile, unless you can provide temperature more than 120F, which is needed d to kill remove seeds.

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