• Monday , 17 December 2018
  • Monday , 17 December 2018

5 Clever Salesman Tricks You Should Beware of While Buying Used Cars

Many individuals are excited about the prospects of buying a used car. Used cars not only save you a ton of money but also benefit you in various other ways like mileage, handiness, and teaching your children how to drive so that they don’t wreck your brand new car on their very first day. But you should be careful while buying these vehicles as someone else discarded them for some unknown reason. So, stay aware of the potential deceits and the procedure to buy a used car in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city.

Salesmen tend to cheat you and sell you something that you would regret later on. Here are five tricks that are generally used by salesmen to cheat you:

  1. Service History Isn’t Available but I Have Personally Checked This Car:
  2. Image result for procedure to buy a used car in Bangalore

Never purchase a car without service history. A salesman can hide the service history from you, so always ask for the service history.

  1. Bogus Finance Schemes:

They would try to get you to sign up some sort of finance scheme that sounds too good to be true. Ensure to check the entire scheme-related documents carefully before signing up.

  1. Try to Sell You a Used Car Where They Would Have a Bigger Commission:

They obviously would want to squeeze out the maximum profit from your end and that means that you can’t trust what he or she says about the car you like and the car he or she is suggesting.

  1. Give Excuses to Avoid a Test Drive:

Never buy a car without test driving it first. This is the salesman’s way of hiding the mechanical defects of the car. Once you purchase the car and drive out, you might start getting to know the defects.

  1. Last Minute Changes:

Salesmen are very crafty people. They might promise you loads of accessories but go back on their word on the last day. Don’t fall for such things and get everything in writing beforehand.

Be safe from these tricks and buy the perfect used car for you and your family.

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